Traveling Photographer Captures Dreamy Landscapes Around the World

The Los Angeles-based creative’s interest in crafting a visual narrative is evident in his entire portfolio, which comprises commercial shoots, unique portraits, and dreamy travel photography.

Vora’s collection of landscape photos features splendid sites from around the world. As an avid explorer, Vora often documents his adventures abroad, whether exploring the coastal cliffs of Scotland or standing in the golden sands of Abu Dhabi. However, even with the world seemingly on a string, Vora still recognizes the beauty in his own backyard, as apparent in his awe-inspiring shots of California’s coasts, Hawaii’s waterfalls, and other jaw-dropping destinations across the United States.

Going from life as “a boy who grew up in the middle of farmland in Michigan to traveling the world,” Vora remains humbled by the opportunities that photography has presented. And, with thousands of followers on Instagram and professional experience with some of the world’s biggest brands, it’s no wonder why he calls his camera a “magic lamp.”

Explore beautiful landscapes around the world with this selection of travel photography by Ravi Vora.

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