Travel Photography Tips – Goals During A Photoshoot

Setting goals during a travel photoshoot, or any photoshoot for that matter is very important. It can really increase your chances of creating amazing images. But, travel photography is so spontaneous sometimes. You might ask “How can I set goals?” You can. You already do. However you should do it more consciously and with more purpose. I’ll tell you why.


Everyone’s overall goal during any shoot is to make a great photograph. This isextremely general, but a goal nevertheless.


Above is the result of a simple, but slightly more specific overall goal during a travel photography shoot. This is a place where I happened to camp. My overall goal was to show the dramatic beauty and the power of nature through my image. Even a slightly more specific overall goal like this leads you to set other, smaller goals to achieve it. Those smaller goals here were:

  • To take advantage of the light. It definitely makes everything look dramatically beautiful.
  • To find the best framing that combines the most distinct of the triangular peaks (power of nature) and that light.
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