Travel Photography Simplified: 4 Changes that Made me a Better Photographer

When I look back and analyze how my photography has changed over time, I see that the last couple of years were the most eventful in regards to the evolution of my photography. I see that rapid advances in technology, in combination with my attempts to simplify various aspects of my photography, gradually changed my entire workflow.

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If I had to identify the key moments that triggered the rest of the changes, my switch from DSLR to a mirrorless system would be at the very top of the list.

Mirrorless Setup

Depending on the type of photography, the switch to a mirrorless system affects photographers differently. As a travel photographer, the effect of the change was huge for me, and even though the learning curve was steep, it was liberating from the very beginning.

The compactness of mirrorless systems was the most obvious factor for the switch. Here is the breakdown of my camera, plus lenses setup:

  • Sony A6000 (344g, 12oz)
  • Sony 10-18mm (220g, 8oz)
  • Sony 16-70mm (308g, 11oz)
  • Total: 874g (31oz)
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