Travel Photography Settings for Every Scenario: From Portraits to Landscapes

Here are my favourite camera settings for each possible scenario in travel photography. These will provide a good starting point for you to create your own list of favourite settings.

It will partly come down to your personal taste but also your camera’s capabilities.
A photographer checking his camera settings in a grassy landscape on a clear day with blue skies

General Travel Photography Settings

Before getting into the best camera settings for specific scenarios, here are some general settings that will apply to all travel photography.

White Balance

This controls how white light is recorded in images. Our eyes automatically adjust so we don’t notice the different tones in natural light.

Cameras don’t. So for example, you notice that images taken in bright sunshine have a slight blue tint to them.

There are two ways to tackle this issue. You can either set your white balance when taking the photo or adjust it in post-production. If you intend to do this in post-production, make sure you shoot in RAW format.

I always set my camera to auto white balance and only change it in extreme scenarios.

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