Top Travel Photography Tips From The Pros

The best camera is the camera you have to hand at the crucial moment. You can create opportunities for amazing shots by researching the best lighting times, getting up before sunrise and pre-scouting locations the day before. You can also have your camera prepped with the right lens in case opportunity strikes. Preparation and luck come together to create travel photography magic. Take your travel photography to another level with our top tips from the pros.

Push yourself to your limits

“Anything that is worth pursuing is going to require us to suffer, just a little bit,”

– Pro Travel/Surf Photographer Chris Bukard explaining his obsession with exploring and photographing the toughest landscapes on earth.
Chris Bukard is a self-taught photographer based in California who started out photographing tropical surf spots until he discovered a love for the most remote, difficult and often most beautiful locations on earth. The above photograph was taken in below minus conditions, and it is Chris at his happiest (though it might not look that way).

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