Top 12 Rules For Amazing Travel Photography

At the same time, don’t see the world simply through your viewfinder. Observe the scene, anticipate the shot that you really want to get and be ready. Don’t just fire away at every situation only to get home to realise that you completely missed the moment.
Travel photography of a group of colourfully dressed women on the streets in India. Travel photos.Taking documentary style travel photos of culture is such an enriching experience.

I once found myself in the middle of a village festival/ritual when I was travelling in India. I had no idea what was going on but knew I had to document it. Luckily a female photographer was somewhat of a rarity in this village and I was given a special seat in the middle of all the action.

It was fascinating to see and experience and of course take photos of.

Set Realistic Travel Photography Goals

A very famous travel quote, “We travel not to escape life, but so that life does not escape us”, really hits the nail on the head for me. Be real about why you travel and what you want to gain out of each travel experience.

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