Top 12 Rules For Amazing Travel Photography

Remember customs vary not only by country, but by region and religion as well. Understand and appreciate the diverse cultural context, and be respectful of these differences.

A little research prior to your journey goes a long way. It’ll help you avoid disappointment and despair when you encounter photography restrictions at your destination.
Travel photography of crowds of tourists in Rome. Travel photos.Rome in August is probably not the best choice for a visit to Italy. Not only was it super hot, it was also so very crowded. Taking any travel photos without crowds of people was impossible.

Be Observant of Your Surroundings

Life is happening all around you all the time. People interacting with each other, people interacting with nature, nature putting on a grand show during sunrise, sunset, or even during a thunderstorm. But don’t wait for some preconceived notion of the perfect moment to take your camera out and take your travel photos.

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