The Best Places In Europe For Travel Photography And Instagram

Throughout Europe are some of the most beautiful places in the world. Many of them are perfect to visit for travel photography and getting those Instagram shots. In this post I will give you my top suggestions on the places I’ve been before and that have an abundance of good spots to take photographs. I have also included a few spots at the end that I haven’t visited, but know are amazing destinations for photography. If you know of any other places please leave a comment.

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Here are the best places in Europe for travel photography and Instagram.

Colmar, France

One of the prettiest cities in France, Colmar is in the Alsace region in the east of the country. The most famous area is near the river and is full of wonderful timber-framed buildings and colourful facades. It also has a special area called La Petite Venise which is particularly nice to see and photograph.
Colmar and Canals at night

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