The Best Camera for Travel Photography

Buying a new camera can be overwhelming. There’s just so much information out there about different models and reasons why they’re great, plus trying to decide how much you really need to spend to get amazing photos. I know, I’ve been through this process several times.

When I’m looking at which camera to buy I consider the portability, user-friendliness, how much customization is possible, such as changing lenses and shooting in a myriad of conditions, and how crisp and sharp the photos look.

That’s why I think the Sony a6000 is the best camera for travel photography in 2017. It’s at a lower price point than it has ever been before, and it works with different lenses so that I can put on a telephoto, a wide-angle, or a 50mm lens and get all kinds of different artistic styles. The Sony a6000 also features the best sensor in the market right now which basically means it takes a really great picture.

The camera can also talk to my phone without an internet connection, and the apps make looking like a pro way easier while you’re still learning the ropes.

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