Photo Editing Workflow for Travel Photography

A few years ago, just as I returned with 5,000 brand new photos from a driving trip to California, Utah and Nevada, I realized that I needed a completely new editing workflow. Two months later, I was not even close to being done with editing.

Photo Editing Workflow for Travel Photography Image 01

I spent the following year or so testing different approaches and systems, with the main goal to streamline, simplify, and speed up the entire process – from the moment the picture is taken, until it is published and safely backed up to the cloud.

After implementing my new workflow, using it for over a year and tweaking it along the way, I can now process and edit thousands of photos in a matter of hours. I would love to share my new workflow with you.

On the Road

The biggest change in my editing workflow happened when I practically stopped editing photos while traveling. Instead, I concentrated only on shooting, rather than wasting time on anything else.

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