1. “Practice your craft. Take as many photos as you can. When travelling, look for the little things happening around you and the way objects interact with the environment. Try to capture that interaction in as many ways as you can.”

2. “Purchase the best gear you can afford and make it work! Vision is the really important bit.”

3. “Take inspiration from your favourite photographers and practice incorporating aspects of their images into your own photos. The could be editing style, framing, subject matter, use of light and shadow, etc. If you do this with a variety of photographers and styles you are inspired by, it can help you create a look that best represents your own vision.”

1. “Try to work with the ‘Rule of Thirds’ in all the photos you take. Imagine your photo split into thirds horizontally and vertically, giving you 9 segments. Try and position key elements of the photo along the horizontal and vertical lines. In many striking landscape photographs, the horizon is in the upper third, and the rest of the image falls below that.”

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