How To Take Beautiful Travel Photography of Yourself

I love looking through my grandmother’s travel photos, imagining how it was back then. The other day as I flipped through, I wanted so badly to find a photo of her, but she is rarely in any of them. Like me, she preferred to stand behind the lens, and I suspect she probably felt vain or strange asking people to take photos of her. I feel the same way sometimes, or at least I used to.

I finally realized, anyone could have been there, anyone could have taken that.

Over the past three years, I’ve put a concerted effort into being in my photos and putting other people in my photos more. Now when I look back on them, I find they’re much more interesting than landscape photos without a person to show scale or inspire intrigue.

Not to mention, it greatly expanded my personal brand, helped me to win more projects with tourism boards and hotels who fell in love with my photography style, and since putting myself in my photos, my Instagram grew from a few thousand followers to well over one hundred thousand.

I don’t mean to say “I’m wonderful and everyone just loves looking at me,” but rather, humans can make a photo more interesting.

So how do I manage to be in my photos if I travel solo 99% of the time? I get questioned on this a lot on my Instagram account, so here is the full answer, and how you can do the same on your travels:

Stop Worrying About Others Judging You for Taking Selfies

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