How to Get the Most Out of a Travel Photography Location

The one thing that I always wish for on any trip is more time, but I also think that no matter how long I have somewhere I will always wish I had an extra day, week or month.

Making The Most Of A Location

As a photographer, you will rarely have the luxury of time, whether you are on an assignment or a personal trip. The reality is that there are so many things to photograph, in so many different way,s that you could spend a lifetime just photographing one city and get vastly different results every day. So making the most of your limited time is absolutely essential in maximizing the output of a trip.

On any given day you will only have enough time for a certain number of locations, so it is imperative to make the most of a scene and get enough saleable shots which are different enough from one another. This is even more important if you wish to make money from stock images with travel photography.

Research and planning can help immensely in ensuring that your time on location is well spent. But equally you will need to learn to think creatively on location to maximize the potential shots that are on offer. I try to get between four to six shots at any location which are different enough to send to my image libraries for editing (that doesn’t just mean vertical and horizontal orientation).

Here are a few tips to help you maximize a scene to get a variety of shots:

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