Get the Shot: Top 10 Tips for Amateur Travel Photographers

As far as travel photography goes, I am an amateur. I wish I knew more about lenses and speeds and color balance. I merely have a digital camera and play with the basic settings. But I do enjoy taking photos while I travel, and I want my photos to tell a story. I like to take as many unusual shots of the landscape I can because I want my audience to feel like they explored right along with me.

Here are a few basics to get started in with your own travel photographer career!

Know Your Camera

That seems like a no-brainer, but I used to just unpack my electronics and learn as I go. Who has time for reading that manual, right? No. Knowing your equipment is the first step, and scrambling with settings or even changing out of flash made me miss incredible shots, not to mention test people’s patience.

So experiment at home, check out the website for camera tips, and look at discussions online to see if any other camera users have cheats and tips. Don’t leave your family smiling in front of that monument as you scramble to adjust the camera’s exposure. They won’t be smiling for long.
Get the Shot: Top 10 Tips for Amateur Travel Photographers - Frayed Passport

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