Capturing the Action: How to Take Great Photos When Travel Photography

Traveling and photography go hand in hand. When you are in a new place and experiencing new things, it’s only normal that you would want to get that perfect photo, something to remember the moment by.

I love photography. When I travel, one of the things I look forward to most is having a memory card full of beautiful images at the end of a trip.

I am not a professional photographer. Everything I know about photography I learned from books, followed by lots and lots of practice. Now, we sell these photos online and some of our photos have even been featured in National Geographic, the Baltimore Sun, and other publications.

Here are my travel photography tips and tricks to help you take a better photograph.

Travel Photography tips

Travel Photography Tips

Know how to use your camera

This one might seem obvious, but really, you should know the functions of your camera. Get to know your camera before you travel. Read the manual cover to cover, read a few photography guides (see our suggestions here), or take a photography class.

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