Alter your angles for interesting portrait photography

We usually shoot people at eye-level but there are other ways.

When we’re photographing people, it’s normal for most of the photos that we take to come out at eye-level; that’s pretty much how we engage with each other, so it’s how we record them, too. But how about mixing things up (and indeed, down) at little? The angle from which someone is photographed, painted, or drawn has a significant impact on how we perceive her or him, so by getting up high or down low you can bring a different feel to your photos.

Climb up high

Anyone who photographs children with any regularity knows the importance of getting down to their level. First, it helps to build a much better rapport with them, which makes for much better photos. But second, it helps to prevent a¬†looming, imposing sensation over people who are much smaller and less empowered than you. Sometimes shooting children from above really works, but you don’t want every photo like that.

Just as you don’t want every photo of an adult to be shot from eye-level, either.

Portrait angles i

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