A travel photographer reveals how to get the best photos while traveling

BI: So what are some photography basics us amateurs should be aware of?

WT: 1. Pay attention to the light

This photo was shot during Golden Hour, which adds depth and feeling to the photograph. It also pushes past the pretty postcard: it’s less about the Eiffel Tower itself here, and more about the experience of picnicking on its lawn.

In travel photography, paying attention to the light translates into keeping in mind the time of day you’re seeing things. For example, yes you want to go the Taj Mahal super early to avoid crowds, but at the same time it’s not a bad idea to go super early to see the sunrise, because the light is so much better.

There are three times of day that I encourage folks to explore:

  • Sunrise. I am not a morning person but it is always worth it.
  • The Golden Hour. This is the time of day right before sunset sunset and right after sunrise when everything kind of has a gold cast, and the shadows are longer. I’m not a scientist, but for some reason everything looks gold — some call it the magic hour.
  • The time right after sunset. You see so many sunset pics, but people take those pictures and then they go to dinner. But if you wait a half hour after that, when the sun’s already away, that’s when the most vibrant colors come out.
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