6 Tips to Raise Money through Your Travel and Photography Passion

License Your Images for IPR Protection of Your Photography and Revenues

Consider licensing your photography on Flickr and Getty images. Photograph sharing platforms like Flikcr and Getty images are aimed at giving your work a credible brand value and intellectual property rights cover so that you can charge money from people that use your photographs. Share your best work only instead of sharing the entire stock of photographs. Stock photography sites such as Dreamstime, Shutterstock, Fotolia and iStockphoto.com offer freelancing opportunities.

The Creative Mind-set and Traits Required to Make Money in Photography

There is serious money to be made in photography. The wicked charm of pursuing photography lies in its inconsistency. To say that you can make money from the word “go” is a travesty of truth. Amateur photographers can sell prints, blog and intern with media and creative agencies. Three things matter: technical knowledge of DSLR camera devices, patience and marketing the art. It is a saturated market. Differentiate your photography by developing your unique specialty.

Choose Your Genre of Photography and Specialize at It

Explore genres of photography that interest you. Visualizing the creative output amidst challenges of lighting and image distortion is a prerequisite for architectural photography. Famous places for architectural photography include Rome, Venice, London, Paris, New York and Sydney. Fashion photography has great scope in cities like Milan and Paris.  Landscape photography takes us to the confluence of man and nature. Geographies like those of Brazil, South Africa and India offer awesome opportunities for wildlife photography. The list of wildlife sanctuaries in India and animals found there is every wildlife photographer’s dream. Specializing a genre of photography helps build expertise and maximize your earn potential.

Photography is a hot creative pursuit and there is money to be made. Keep the faith and answer your heart’s calling to choose your genre. Remember creativity is a spark that takes eternity to ignite but when it does, it creates magic that lasts a lifetime!

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