6 Tips to Raise Money through Your Travel and Photography Passion

Use Social Media to Engage People with Your Travel Photography

The dynamics of art market follow a pattern but not necessarily an economic rationale. Trends are contemporary and change in accordance with geographies, times and communities. Engage with people on social media. The key objectives of putting your photography work on social media are defining the target market segment, picking up insights from data, promoting your photography and exploring the scope of work opportunities in the domain of photography. Successful digital media photography entrepreneur Katie Stuaffer earns between $1,400 and $21,400 per month whereas the Vagabrothers earn $200 per day making $73,000 a year.

  • Use your own website, blog, Facebook, Pinterest & Instagram pages to promote your stock photography portfolio.
  • Use good keywords and hash tags to tag your photos and ensure they get found in searches.
  • Interact with communities on sites to interact and promote your photos.

Explore Publishing Your Photography in Travel Magazines

It is a great idea to publish your photography work in travel magazines to explore a wide market area. AFAR, Caribbean Beat, Delta Sky, Go and Get Lost are travel magazines that allow you to explore every dimension of tourism interest that the place offers and pay for it. Travel magazines and sites pay out by a variety of modes such as Paypal, bank transfer or check. Be it food, architecture, landscapes or people, you get a broad canvas to experiment and seek a path to specializing in a particular area of photography.

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