6 Tips for More Unique Travel Photos in Busy Tourist Locations

Imagine this: you’ve scrimped and saved for months for your dream vacation, and a snazzy digital camera, hoping to capture some unique travel photography images along the way, only to be flustered by the hordes of other tourists with the same intentions. With the increased accessibility of cameras on devices of every kind, this is becoming a common scenario that can frustrate many photographers, both professional and amateur. But don’t lose hope! With these tips, I’ll show you some ways to think of travel photography in a new light so that you can take unique travel photos in busy tourist locations.

DPS Travel Photography 03

Take shots from different angles

To get a unique photo, consider your subject from a wide variety of angles. Get down on your knees and shoot from below, or step up on a bench, or use a monopod to shoot from on high. Do whatever you can, within reason, to shoot from different perspectives; this will greatly increase the odds of capturing a unique image.

Time your visits to outdoor attractions to coincide with the most ideal natural lighting available

One of the biggest challenges to shooting outdoor attractions can be harsh shadows due to lack of lighting control. You obviously don’t want to bring strobes and excessive flashes with you when you travel, so it’s best to use the sun to your advantage. Do your research with apps, such as The Photographer’s Ephemeris, to see where the sun will be, and plan your trip accordingly. Sunrise and sunset are probably among the most ideal times, but be aware that you’ll likely get competition from other photographers thinking the same thing (see image above).

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