5 Travel Photography Tips to Help You Come Home with Better Photos

As I’m a few days from heading off to Nicaragua leading our next photography tour, I thought it would be a good time to share these tips. So here are 11 travel photography tips to help you with your A-game so you can return from your next trip with your best photos ever.

Be best friends with your camera

This is something you want to do anyway, and ideally before you go on your trip. Buying a new camera right before you leave is not the best idea. You may struggle to find the settings and know what each button does, and in the process miss some good shots. So if you’re considering getting a new camera, do so well in advance of any travel.

Spend time with your camera using it, and getting to really know it. Here’s the litmus test. If you can put your camera up to your eye and know how to change the following settings without looking at a menu you’re good:

  • Shooting mode (P, S/Tv, A/Av, M) – do you know what dial or button changes this? Try and get off full Auto if you can – but practice this at home, not once you get to your vacation destination.
  • The shutter speed – can you change it with your eye at the viewfinder?
  • Aperture – same question.
  • ISO – what button do you need to press to change it? No menus! You want to know how to do that without lowering the camera.
  • Focus point – know how to change a single point to a different spot, and move it around while you’re looking through the eyepiece.
  • Exposure compensation – know where that button is and which dial to turn to increase or decrease the exposure compensation. Usually it’s a +/- button.
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