5 More Travel Photography Tips to Improve Your Images

Last week I shared 5 travel photography tips to help you come home with better photos. If you missed those check them out first, then continue on with #6-10 for more travel photography tips below.

Research your destination

Before you go do some research online.

Use Flickr, 500px or even Google images to find a few hidden gems, spots other photographers have discovered.

The tourism info doesn’t tell you what’s good for photography, or what time is best to shoot there, but another photographer who visited that same place may be willing to share that info with you.

Find some shots you like and comment on the photos (on Flickr and 500px).

Sometimes you’ll even find the GPS data on the images showing you the exact location. Reach out to the photographers and tell them you’ll be going there and do they have any suggestions for locations. Sometimes you can find a local that is willing to give you some tips.

Just remember to follow tip #2 and be safe if you decide to meet up with that person.

Another good tool to have is an app like The Photographer’s Ephemeris or Photo Pills (iPhone only) or PlanIt! (iOS and Android). They can help you determine not only the times for sunrise/sunset but the direction the sun will set, and if they are any obstacles in that location. Photo Pills also has a night sky planner so you can find the Milky Way and other things in the sky.

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