5 Easy Tips To Improve Your Travel Photography

When taking pictures at night you should use a good quality travel tripod, low ISO and long exposure whenever possible. This will allow you to create the highest quality image. By taking pictures at night you may also:

  • Capture light trails from vehicles going past
  • Make water appear flat and smooth
  • Create interesting skies (when taken during the blue hour just before it gets too dark)
  • Potentially capture stars in your pictures
  • Blur out people in the photo
  • Add a wow element to your image
Royal Ontario Museum at night

4. Research Locations Before Travel

Before you go on your trip research good locations for taking photographs, such as reading blog posts on good viewpoints, looking at images from photographers on Instagram, reading books and looking on Google Maps for potential locations. By doing your research in advance it’ll help ensure you don’t miss any key photo spots.

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