5 Easy Tips To Improve Your Travel Photography

Do you want to improve your travel photography? Here are 5 easy tips that will help you improve your travel photography. These tips aren’t complicated and can work for almost any camera.

1. Use Interesting Composition

One of the most important and easiest ways to improve your travel photography is by taking your time and thinking about your composition. Taking a well-composed photograph will make your image look much more interesting and powerful. A few things to think about includes:

    • Using Leading lines – Leading lines draw a viewers eye into the picture. For this technique frame with your subject in the background and use a foreground element that starts in the foreground and leads to the background.
    • Framing your subject – You can use trees, architectural features and other elements to frame your image. This is especially helpful when you have boring skies as it will then become less noticeable.
  • Using Reflections – By using reflections you will create a well composed and beautiful image. These types of images do very well on Instagram as it makes the image a lot more balanced.
  • Making use of foreground elements and creating depth – This step involves making use of everything in your scene. You may use rocks, flowers, grass and other objects in the foreground with the main part of your image in the distant.
  • Using the rule of thirds – Which involves splitting an image into 9 squares and then composing so that interesting elements are on the intersections.
Landscape Photography - Reflections
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