4 Tips for Creating Better Travel Photos in Crowded Tourist Locations

Last week I wrote about How to Avoid Travel Photography Failure, this article adds to those tips to help you photograph in crowded tourist locations and not be constantly frustrated by all the people in your way. All of the images shown in this article were taken at Ephesus in Turkey, one of the busiest tourist spots, full of people that come off the cruise ships. We were there at the peak of the day where it was almost impossible to move at times, down the main corridor.

Crowds in busy tourist locations are hard to avoid sometimes. Here are a few tips to help!

Here are four tips to help you create better travel photos in those places where you just can’t avoid the crowds but are still a “must see” location.

Have patience and persistence!

Sometimes you simply have to wait it out until you can get a clear shot of the scene you want to photograph, so don’t walk away after taking one image. Patience is huge in photography and those that have it will get the good travel photos, those that don’t have it will walk away and miss the best shots. Be willing to sit and wait for five or even ten minutes or more just to get one image. This will separate you from the average tourist and the average travel photographer, and help you come home with photos you’ll be proud to show your friends.
This is the same spot as the image above. I just waited for the group to move on.
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