15 Tips for Better Travel Photography

Travel is extremely fulfilling, but being able to express the emotion of your travels through travel pictures can be difficult. While it gets a bit easier as you do more travelling, here are 15 travel photography tips to get you started on the right foot.

travel photography photo of a green door and plants


The internet is your friend when it comes to doing research before travels! Once you’ve gotten a grasp on the information online, use social media to ask your friends for recommendations.

Someone in your circle of friends may have traveled to your destination and found a quaint spot off the beaten path.

Finally, look for other photographers’ images of your destination. Often, seeing what others have captured will provide you with inspiration for different compositions, perspectives, or areas to visit.

Consider Your Gear

Just because you’re going to be away from home doesn’t mean that you need to take all your photography gear! In fact, you’ll want to travel as light as possible so the gear doesn’t slow you down.

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