14 Tips for Quick and Effective Travel Photography

If you are a serious photographer, you are reflecting each and every shot. You are planning it. You are studying the subject from every possible direction to find the unique original angle and composition. You are choosing the time of day wisely to get the perfect light. You may even come back several days in succession to get that magic moment where everything comes together and you get the dream shot, the shot that ends every discussion about that very subject, the shot after which nobody will ever attempt to shoot that subject again because they know that you where there.

Did I characterize you correctly? No?

Ok, I see! You are a guy that has normal holidays with his wife (or husband) and maybe a bunch of kids. Somebody who likes to take guided tours through foreign countries and happens to have his/her camera with him/her. BUT you still have the ambition to take great shots that are worth presenting.

Does that sound familiar to you? Then I may have some useful tips for you.

You frequently find yourself in situations that simply do not allow for planning “the perfect shot” While the serious photographer takes hours to get the shot, you only have seconds. You are rushing after your guide, already last in the group. Your wife (or husband) is already throwing that come-here-now look at you, and you discover that lovely sight. Wonderful light, great colors. You know that this will be your one and only chance to take this shot. If only you had 15 minutes… or maybe only 5. That would be all it takes to shoot the photo of your life. Here you are with about 5 seconds left. How do you get the best out of this situation??? The question in this situation is not whether you get the perfect shot. The question is whether you get the best shot under these circumstances. There are ways of getting the shot and of maximizing the result as I will show you below.

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