10 Best Colorful Places for Travel Photography

Northern Latitudes for the Aurora Borealis

Seeing the aurora borealis – typically at its best in winter – requires travel for most of us, and we have our choice of cold-climate viewing spots, from Norway to northern Wisconsin.  I have good friends in both spots, and envy their having seen the phenomenon also called “the northern lights.” Pictured here is a shot from Alaska’s Bear Lake area:  wow!   When I finally get to see this sight, I’ll have to watch where I’m walking, as the sky will definitely be a distraction!

Aurora Borealis as seen from Alaska

Havana, Cuba

What photographer doesn’t long to visit beautiful Havana, where 1950s Chevys cruise past faded elegant buildings as if time has both passed but stopped.   Scintillating Afro-Cuban music wafts across the city each evening, and visitors don’t have to look far to find a street scene which brings a smile.

Havana’s architectural beauty can be traced back to its development in the 17th century:  Spaniards drew upon a variety of styles from Iberia and the Canary Islands.

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