10 Best Colorful Places for Travel Photography

Love to take photos which make people ooh and ah?  So do I.  If your perfect vacation is with camera in hand, here’s a list of places where the colors are so mind-blowing, you don’t have to do much more than point and shoot to impress your friends and coworkers.     Holi Festival in India: an explosion of color

India during Holi Festival

I can’t think of a better way to break the routine of a work-week, than by joining join thousands of Hindus and other revelers during the Holi festival, which celebrates the arrival of spring and its abundant colors.  Originated in western India’s Gujarat region, the festival is off the charts when it comes to exhilaration and spontaneity. Participants hold a bonfire, but the iconic event image is the colored powders which are thrown during this wild celebration.

Intel:  You’ll want to either take a less expensive camera, or protect your good one, before setting out to shoot a powder-throwing bonanza.  Visit a camera shop upon your return home to have your camera cleaned.  (Then put a photo like this near your desk to remind you to plan another trip)

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